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Susana's Publications

The Third MacPherson Sister

Coming June 23, 2015

Rebecca’s older sisters took the ton by storm while she herself has failed to attract a suitor in four Seasons. Miles is pondering his urgent need for a wife when Rebecca lands in his lap in the nave of Bath Abbey.
A match between them seems ordained by the heavens… except for the little matter of his past history with her sisters.

Sweet Summer Kisses

Sweet Regency stories by

Erin Knightley • Aileen Fish • Lily George

Marie Higgins • Elizabeth Johns • Heather King
Bess McBride • Cora Lee • Susana Ellis

Lost and Found Lady

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Catalina and Rupert fell in love in Spain in the aftermath of a battle, only to be separated by circumstances. Years later, they find each other again, just as another battle is brewing, but is it too late?

Beaux, Ballrooms, 

and Battles

A Celebration of Waterloo

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Sweet Regency stories by
 Jillian Chantal • Téa Cooper • Susana Ellis
Aileen Fish • Victoria Hinshaw • Heather King
Christa Paige • Sophia Strathmore • David W. Wilkin

A Twelfth Night Tale

A wounded soldier and the girl next door
find peace and love amidst a backdrop
of rural Christmas traditions.
Treasuring Theresa

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She's a country lady. 
He's a London swell. 
They have nothing in common.
Or have they?

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